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Mountain Community Help Line
Call or Text 303-258-3387, or email

About Mountain Community Helpline:
Connecting those that need help with those who want to help.

Ned Community Church has hired Claudia Schauffler to be a Community Advocate, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. She and a team of volunteers will be offering assistance to anyone who is and should be sheltering in place.

Claudia is in regular contact with all the other service providers from the Peak to Peak Human Services Alliance (ie, EFAA, the Food Pantry, Ned Area Seniors, Area Agency on Aging, Teens Inc, Center for People with Disabilities, etc). She can point you to the right agency for assistance, or help with:


  • Picking up and delivering prescriptions from Boulder

  • Delivering firewood, if you are desperate

  • Arranging for snow plowing and shoveling

  • Picking up and delivering groceries — different stores have different rules, so arrange with her before ordering anything

  • Phone checkups for vulnerable or lonely folks

  • And please reach out if you have an issue we haven’t thought of.

If you or a neighbor needs something related to the pandemic, or if you want to offer assistance with any of these tasks or more, please reach out to Claudia., or 303-258-3387