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Nederland Resident Dana Edwards, Financial Planner, and Enrolled Agent is offering pro bono guidance to the community's small business, individuals and families. Call her at 303-545-5400 or email her at There may be a 2-day delay for response.


Boulder County:

BCDHHS’s Personal Finance Program provides free and confidential individual counseling to households at all income levels. Please call 720-564-2279 or email to schedule phone or virtual appointments.



Includes: INFORMATION FOR LANDLORDS AND TENANTS REGARDING COVID-19 RESPONSE TO EVICTIONS AND FORECLOSURES FAQ. No evictions can be filed until June 1, 2020 and police will not enforce evictions until then.

District Attorney's Office:


Boulder County Legal Services:



The State of Colorado has limited all residential evictions, allowing only those necessary to protect public health and safety. Importantly, on Monday the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office released strong guidance around evictions during COVID-19. This guidance includes the following language:

If a landlord or other housing provider repeatedly threatens eviction or attempts to evict while the state order is in place, the tenant should contact local law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office.

You are highly encouraged to visit the Housing section of the COVID-19 Resources page: Also share this list of resources with participants where you are able.

This is important guidance for the community and should be shared with renters who express concerns about eviction and should also be shared with landlords. There are supports for both renters and landlords (including mediation recommendations) listed in the Housing section of the COVID-19 Resources page. In order to avoid getting to a place where the DA guidance must apply, we want to strongly encourage renters and landlords to work together to find a resolution (payment plan, reduced rent, etc.), and if they are unable to reach resolution, mediation and legal help is also available.

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